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Home insurance

Multi-risk Family - Home

How to protect your rental?

We offer you what you need to guarantee your peace of mind in everything that relates to your leased home:

Non-payment of rents

Grupo Catalana Occidente guarantees you the collection of the monthly rent set in the lease. The coverage period extends up to 12 months, more than enough period for the eviction of the tenant from his home. Thus, your investment is always guaranteed.

Vandalism caused in your home

We take care of the damage that occurs in your property, as well as the theft of the elements of the same continent, caused by the tenant. In this way, if your assets have suffered any damage, the company responds for you.

Legal defense

A team of lawyers will personally advise you and defend your interests against any conflict related to your home, including, of course, conflicts arising from the lease. The Grupo Catalana Occidente will be concerned to resolve any problem, no matter how small, that will cause the tenant of your home.

The best advantages

Non-payment of rents

100% of the monthly rent up to a maximum of 12 months of rent

Vandalism and / or theft caused by the tenant

Up to € 3,000

Legal defense

  • Defense and claim of the lease
  • Defense of rights before the Insurance Compensation Consortium
  • Defense of criminal liability
  • Claim for damages of extra contractual origin
  • Rights relating to housing
  • Claim for breach of service contracts for the repair or maintenance of the facilities
  • Telefónica Legal Advice
  • Up to € 3,000